The Story. The Founder.

Bellisimo’s helping hands over the years. With love and thanks to Mom, Michelle, Joan, Bev, Karen, Linda, Eleanor, Sue, Margaret, Kathryn, and Trudi.

Bellisimo was founded on the belief that every child is worthy of a college education - no matter how dire their financial circumstances. We know and understand from personal experience how hard it is for a single mother to provide for her children’s basic needs, let alone their higher education
on her own. We wanted to help - and we focused on education - the gift that will last a lifetime and continue to give to future generations.

Working with secondary education partners, Bellisimo will provide 10% of its net profits to educational grants for single moms and their children. And the gift to our customers - every time
she uses a beautiful Bellisimo nail lacquer, she knows that she too is touching a family’s future.

Why single moms? And why a nail lacquer line? Hear directly from Bellisimo founder, Jan Guy,
a successful entrepreneur who created her metal businesses from the ground up.

“While building my first company, I was a struggling single mom who experienced first-hand the financial hardship of providing my daughter with a university education. I promised myself that
one day I would help other single moms and their children – and that is the founding principal of Bellisimo! Today, I’m proud to say my daughter is a university graduate and a successful elementary school teacher.

During our lean years, beautiful nail lacquer was the one item I could afford to buy that let me
look fashionable and made me feel good. Over the years I must have tried every brand, and one day I realized that I knew what worked - but finding great quality and great colors that could take you from season to season, well that was another story! So in 2010, I went to work to create a gorgeous, high quality lacquer line that was three-free (no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP) in shades that would compliment every woman’s hand and wardrobe and take her throughout the year, no matter what the fashion colors were. The result...Bellisimo! My love for beautiful nail lacquers and my desire to give back to single moms and their children merged. Our first product launch is of course, Bellisimo’s Signature Collection of luxury nail lacquers.

I hope you enjoy wearing Bellisimo’s signature nail lacquers as much as I have loved creating them. I can hardly wait to bring to you our other beautiful and luxurious products that are now being developed for the Bellisimo beauty line.

So to all of you, my heartfelt thanks; to you, my longtime friends and my family who have lifted me up over the years and to you, our wonderful customers – now our new friends who are experiencing Bellisimo and joining with us to help others along the way."

With kindest regards,